Episode 49

Published on:

11th Feb 2022

Using Dance to create Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Energetic Harmony with Kristin Sudeikis

There’s something incredibly magical about hearing success stories of entrepreneurs, but finding the ones where the road to success was centered on following the call of the heart and the subtle messages it sends are few and far between. Enter Kristin Sudeikis — choreographer, artistic director, and CEO/Creator of FORWARD__Space based in downtown NYC where music, dance, culture, fashion + meet n' move. In the wake of the pandemic, she’s been able to expand this magical combination through the FORWARD__Space Virtual Hub, now available in 102 countries.

As a lifelong dancer and lover of movement, Kristin has always been fueled by the intention and desire to bring people together to connect to themselves, the other and then the greater world around them. For her movement — and dance especially — provides space for us to be fully embodied and connected to the ever-present now. Along with all her responsibilities as a entrepreneur, Kristin continues to choreograph and teach nationally + internationally for stage, film, events, brand collaborations and video including (but not limited to) Ben Harper, Mumford & Sons, Ivy Park, NYFW, FKA Twigs x NIKE, Brooklyn Museum, and the OBAMA White House.

What we discuss

  • The importance of slowing down to hear the call of our heart, the call of our deep desires and potential evolutions, and the difference of stillness as a choice rather than an afterthought
  • Challenging the idea of “leave your problems at the door” — instead of leaving them at the door, bring it all in with you into your movement practice — bring your WHOLE self
  • Appreciating the storytelling aspect of dance , and understanding the opportunity it provides for us to engage in a poetic conversation of mind and body
  • The correlation between the mental health epidemic and the increasing disassociation from our bodies, and how the rise of technology has also moved us out of our bodies
  • Understanding the balance of structure and freedom in movement space, and the importance of accessing both of these elements in our movement practices
  • Emotions as energy in motion, and understanding the role movement plays in helping us connect with our emotional energies
  • Energetic Health and it’s ability to help us better understand the interconnected weave our of physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Kristin’s process in following her passion, and the importance of trusting in yourself, your vision, your dreams independently of what anyone else says or thinks


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