Episode 1

Published on:

20th Mar 2022

Meant to Move - Healing Our Relationship with Our Bodies

Welcome to Meant To Move, a special podcast series all about the power of movement and embodiment co-created by Marie Janicek & Julia Szpor as part of the “Being Better” and “This Thing Called Movement” podcasts.

In this series, Marie and Julia come together to discuss all things regarding movement, embodiment, intuition, and body image to help you reach your goals regarding physical health, mental health, athletic performance, spirituality, emotions and relationships. Marie steps in as the movement expert here help you become more in tune with your body, and Julia as the layperson going on this journey with you and help you avoid beginner mistakes.

In this first episode, Marie and Julia discuss some of the key reasons for why our relationship with our bodies can be difficult and often feel confusing. As we unravel these mysteries, Marie offers some practical guidance on developing a more sustainable and fulfilling movement practice. 

You can join in on the guided movement practices & meditations on our YouTube channel here!

Visit our website to learn more about the show, to share your experiences in your movement & embodiment journey, and to submit any questions you would like answered! We'd love to hear from you!



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Welcome to This Thing Called Movement! Join us as we expand our understanding and awareness of the multi-faceted, often unspoken, ways movement influences and heals us. From the physical to the mental, emotional to the spiritual, there is so much movement richness in the world that we aren't aware of. We'll debunk myths, share expert advice and gain insight into our guests' personal movement experiences and the transformations that resulted. Step in for inspiring conversations that empower you to cultivate a healthy relationship with your body and experience the powerful benefits movement has to offer.