Episode 2

Published on:

10th Apr 2022

Meant to Move - Turning Anxiety into Confidence

Welcome to the second episode of Meant To Move — a special podcast collaboration dedicated to the power of movement and embodiment — co-created by Marie Janicek & Julia Szpor as part of the “Being Better” and “This Thing Called Movement” podcasts.

Today Marie and Julia dig deep into the emotionally charged topic of: how to negotiate anxiety & insecurity surrounding our bodies & movement and exchange them for confidence and empowerment instead.

Together they flesh out some of the biggest pieces of this puzzle, like why movement often feels awkward (yes bodies are magical but they can also be weird), why so many of us are afraid of going to the gym (ugh please don’t look at me), and why moving in front of other people is so intimating (ahhh again please don’t look at me!).

And while deconstructing these very real challenges in relationship to our bodies and movement, they share their own personal stories in navigating these waters of anxiety and insecurity, how they made the transition to feeling more happy & confident, and add detailed scientific explanations for how movement actually helps us regulate anxieties and insecurities.

To wrap up, Julia shares her recent experiences (and exciting revelations!) with Marie’s recommended intuitive movement practices — how it felt, what was hard, what were the benefits, and what she would’ve done differently. Marie unravels the science behind Julia’s first two weeks of practice and gives and Julia (and all you listeners) a new set of recommendations to follow in trying out this episode’s practice.

You can join in on the guided movement practices & meditations on our YouTube channel here!

Visit our website to learn more about the show, to share your experiences in your movement & embodiment journey, and to submit any questions you would like answered! We'd love to hear from you!



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