Episode 48

Published on:

4th Feb 2022

Changing our Relationship to Productivity: How 'Slowing Down' Helps us 'Speed Up’

Sometimes, the best decision we can make for ourselves is to slow down, pause or stop. But in a world where “productivity” is a form of currency that we use to gauge and evaluate our worth, taking any of these actions can feel like death (and as you’ll discover in this episode, there’s actually a biological reason for that).

In this solo episode, Marie returns to the airwaves to shares her personal journey in making the radical choice to stop and slow down. She discusses the cultural, psychological, and biological factors that explain why these choices often feel so disorienting and uncomfortable, draws parallels to how the drive for productivity diminishes our capacity in both our movement practices as well as our life, and reframes our understanding of productivity through a more practical lens (hint: productivity isn’t all or nothing — it’s a spectrum!).

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