Episode 22

Published on:

26th Apr 2019

Nature & Culture of Climbing with Ara Morton

Ara is an incredible climbing instructor and coach. I had the pleasure of meeting him this past fall and sharing movement practices, life stories, and exchanging so many different ideas about the relevance of movement in our lives. Ara has a particularly unique relationship with movement in the sense that climbing was a modality that took him completely by surprise, and resulted in his entire life become transformed by it and becoming more entrenched in it. He is incredibly impassioned by the wide variety of life skills and principles climbing demonstrates, and how the practice of climbing itself lends to assimilating many important life lessons.

We discussed the distinction of process over product, and how the very nature and culture of climbing is all centered around the never ending opportunities for growth and challenging oneself. Another important topic was the importance of facing both fear and failure, and how encountering both of these components with regularity allows us to be more adaptable and confident in life. And finally, we got to dig into the value of movement as a vehicle of healing, on a wide variety of spectrums. This episode was so much fun and we expanded so many different topics and concepts here- I hope you all find as much enjoyment listening to this conversation as I had in creating it!

To connect further with Ara and to learn more about his work at Beta Climbing and Fitness, you can check out their Instagram page or their website listed below:

Beta Climbing and Fitness:



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