Episode 23

Published on:

3rd May 2019

Exploring the Movement of Consciousness with Miriam Van Groen

Miriam van Groen is a fascinating human being, on the leading edge of facilitating some incredible and unconventional work. She specializes in Guided Tripping, an intentional practice that uses psychedelic substances as tools for opening awareness and creating fluid integration between blocked aspects of our consciousness. She observes and guides movement on an entirely different level, looking at the movement of thoughts, feelings, memory, of our consciousness as a whole, and how that ripples into the rest of our lives as a result. Psychedelics facilitate a high level of access to our bodies and felt sense, that can create a blueprint for that connection to continue in day-to-day life. Naturally, I was incredibly drawn to Miriam and her work, especially given the foundational premise of intentionality around the substances, the space, and the experience itself.

We created an incredibly rich dialogue together, exploring the interwoven nature of consciousness, the mind, the body, and the psyche. A few of my favorite topics we covered included understanding the default mode network we operate from and how to rewire it, the importance of being able to show up in work, relationships, and in life as your whole self, and how minor shifts in framing perspective create huge changes in how you relate to your world and experiences, specifically shifting from controlling and fixing to exploring and allowing curiosity to lead. There really were so may incredible threads we touched on, and I am so grateful Miriam took the time out of her incredibly busy work and travel schedule to meet with me and share her insights.

To connect further with Miriam and learn more about her work, you can find her through her website listed below:




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