Episode 21

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19th Apr 2019

Living Inside of Your Authenticity with Tim Brainard

Timothy is a trailblazer, completely upending the way we not only see the world around us, but most importantly how we choose to live in it. His invention and development of WholeSystem Human is a unique integration of the various methodologies and practices that Tim has put to use in his life in order to find his authenticity and live within it elegantly. His various services and offerings within WholeSystem Human allow him to facilitate the same experience for every one of his clients with a sensitivity and profound understanding of human experience and feeling I have rarely seen. Not only have I had the incredible pleasure of being able to be in consistent conversation with his intuitive brilliance, but I’ve also been on the receiving end of his Mirror Sessions and other offerings and was blown away by the clarity and integration his time and focus delivered to me.

We had perhaps one of the most stimulating conversations I’ve had in my lifetime in the course of this episode. The major thread that lead us through it all was our exploration of words and their power; both as vessels of meaning that shift in context of conversation and time, and also in their ability to be containers for larger ideas and concepts, some of which by nature cannot be defined. Relationship ended up becoming a keystone topic of this conversation, and we extrapolated the many different ways relationship shows up in almost every aspect of our lives. And finally, perhaps my favorite part of this conversation was Tim’s discovery of sensitivity as the greatest gift movement has offered him. I cannot begin to lay out all the incredible wisdom and enthusiasm that permeates this whole episode, but I am thrilled that Tim and I were able to capture our excitement on all these topics and share it through this recording. 

To connect further with Tim and to learn more his work, you can check out his website or his Facebook profile listed below:


Facebook: WholeSystem Human


Facebook: Timothy Brainard


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