Episode 31

Published on:

9th Oct 2020

Cultivating Compassion, Resilience & Connection with Shweta Bhatt

Shweta Bhatt is a personal transitions coach helping others navigate significant life changes. After 6 years of working in finance with Fortune 100 executives and billion dollar budgets, Shweta realized her true calling was in helping people find more compassion, connection, and resilience within themselves as they navigate significant life changes. She uses her innate magic of storytelling alongside the personality science of human design to help others find clarity within chaos, and it was such a pleasure to connect with her in our conversation here.

We discussed her pillars of compassion, resilience, and connection- her discovery of them and how she utilizes them in her day to day life, along with how discomfort functions as internal alchemy to help us forge our inner power, and finally, we focussed on the potency of the phrase “i’m here”, and how this gentle reminder can quickly help us connect to ourselves, our bodies, and the present moment as is. You can deeply feel Shweta’s love of the process of transformation in every word, and we are so fortunate to share her soothing guidance with you all!

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