Episode 30

Published on:

25th Sep 2020

Balancing Masculine vs Feminine Energy in Movement with Paul Newell

Paul Newell is a Life Movement Practitioner, Guide and Mentor, as well as a Men’s Wellness Facilitator. By combining his experience in Corporate America with the fitness/wellness industry and energetic awareness, Paul works with individuals and communities to enhance fulfillment and connection. As he practices presence, he applies multiple disciplines to engage learners to tap into their unique greatness and passion. His guidance and encouragement has others transcend their stories and traumas to align to their purpose and contribution. 

He’s incredibly passionate about paying attention to the details of how we relate to everything in life. Much like me, Paul spends a lot of time researching energy, practices and philosophy around spirituality, making his own inner work a consistent priority.

We talked about how his recent double hip replacement surgery reshaped his awareness of movement basics (like walking and breathing); the dynamic interplay between masculine and feminine energy and how to explore both within our movement practices; and the powerful importance of slowing down. This episode is rich with Paul’s integrated wisdom and we are thrilled to be able to share his insights with you all!


Animal Flow

Yirser Ra Hotep- Kemetic Yoga

King Warrior Magician Lover (Book Reference)

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