Episode 29

Published on:

11th Sep 2020

Building Community through Movement & Vulnerability with Echoed Voices

Echoed Voices is a Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based community organization that began with a simple idea to clean the neighborhood. It has quickly grown into a large community with a greater mission to inspire and connect individuals to themselves and their communities at large. 

I sat down with its co-founders, Christina Émilie and Cristhian Chaparro, to discuss how Echoed Voices began during quarantine and quickly gained momentum, the importance of vulnerability and self-compassion to grow and come together as a community, and how movement plays a role in the process. 

Christina Émilie considered New York home before moving from her hometown in Pittsburgh, PA. For her, the city called her in a non-negotiable way, to discover deeper meaning in her purpose. During a commissioned photo shoot in Africa for a mission-based brand, she was exposed to an environment that provoked her perspective and impact as a fashion photographer. This experience was the seed and start of the desire to move into humanitarian work. With the values and beliefs Echoed Voices has been created on, its goal is to impact and provide meaningful ways to connect to each other.  

Cristhian Chaparro was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. He came to New York 10 years ago with the purpose to make a change, spent his time studying business and working in the service industry. Now he's invested in working on his organization, Echoed Voices. He sees this as an opportunity to connect people to themselves and to their communities. 


Echoed Voices

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Cristhian Chaparro

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