Episode 32

Published on:

23rd Oct 2020

Power of Music on Mental Health with Jamie Pabst, Founder & CEO of Spiritune

Jamie Pabst is the Founder & CEO of Spiritune, a music-based app that utilizes principles of neuroscience and music therapy to reimagine music for health outcomes such as stress reduction, emotional regulation, productivity and performance. Jamie has always been fascinated by sound’s healing potential and devotes herself to helping others receive its many benefits. She also DJs and produces events to highlight the powerful connections between music and health.

What we discussed in today's interview:

  • How noise pollution affects us and how music functions as an antidote to restore balance to our brains and bodies
  • Jamie’s personal self-care journey in motherhood and quarantine
  • Mental health, debunking its stigma and the changing landscape on becoming more accessible for all

Jamie is a brilliant visionary, a curious intellectual, and deeply thoughtful and warm human being. I’m honored to have her as a guest sharing her insights with you all!

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