Episode 34

Published on:

27th Nov 2020

Syncing Movement & Nutrition with Women's Infradian Rhythm featuring Claudia Germuga

Claudia is a movement and breathwork facilitator based in Brooklyn, NY. She creates holistic movement programs designed to attend to our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels of being, drawing from multiple certifications in health coaching, nutrition, meditation and breathwork combined with her expertise as a dancer and fitness instructor. Through her unique programming, Claudia encourages students to reclaim their individuality, honor their personal rhythms, and become mavericks of insight and creative power. Her experience includes a BFA in Dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts; Lagree Method Certification; Megaformer Pilates and SLT instructor; and Holistic Health Coach, Academy Healing Nutrition.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How women’s infradian rhythm (and, consequently, menstrual cycle) impact exercise and nutrition;
  • How the fitness and nutrition industry are centered on male studies and the 24-hour circadian clock;
  • Specific examples for how women can sync their movement and exercise routines with their menstrual cycle to improve health and vitality;
  • How Claudia’s experience with the eating disorder orthorexia and using fitness as a cathartic and emotional regulation outlet shaped her personal and professional approach to movement. 

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