Episode 46

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2nd Jul 2021

Inner Circle: Saleena Sidhu on How Evolna Transformed Her Relationship to Movement

Welcome to a special new series of episodes on the This Thing Called Movement Podcast:

The Inner Circle

As much as we love listening to interviews from experts and professionals about movement and wellness, there is also something especially powerful and magical about hearing the story of how a non-movement/fitness professional made an incredible transformation in relationship to their body.

This new segment of the podcast features interviews with our Evolna community members who wanted to connect to movement and their bodies in a more authentic, integrated and powerful way.

Today’s episode features Saleena Sidhu: a long-time client of Marie Janicek and one of the first students of the Evolna Intuitive Movement practice.

Saleena lives in New York, NY where she is Vice President of Saratoga Medical. She is a wife, a mother of two, and even in the midst of the demanding lifestyle of a New Yorker juggling career, family, and social demands, she still has found time to prioritize and devote herself to her personal health and self-development through movement.

We are so in awe of Saleena’s story and the resonance of the many insights and pearls of wisdom shared in this episode, and hope it uplifts and inspires you within your own personal movement journey.

What we discuss

  • The arc of Saleena’s personal movement journey: how she began taking fitness classes in her mid-twenties with no prior fitness or athletic experience and the steps that lead her into the many rich and diverse movement practices she engages with today
  • Understanding fear as a natural part of the learning process
  • Assessing where you are at and how you feel is the essential first step in setting up your movement and exercise practices, and a powerful tool to use in daily life situations as well
  • The importance of more democratized movement education to empower people with the tools to better take care of themselves
  • How movement (and intuitive movement) has influenced how she shows up as a professional, a wife, and a mother
  • The life-lessons movement has taught her that have become instrumental in helping create more ease and flow in her day to day life

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