Episode 42

Published on:

26th Mar 2021

Incorporating Fluid Motion & Somatics to Optimize Health with Bobbie Ellis

Our bodies are made up of 70% percent water, yet by and large we do not encourage movement practices that cultivate that natural fluidity. Bobbie Ellis joins us today for a very special episode in which we discuss the nexus of how fluid motion, sensation, and intuition all work together to create coherent alignment in our bodies and minds from the inside out.

Bobbie has spent the last 37 years of her life devoted to understanding and connecting with the wisdom of the body. She is an esteemed teacher of Continuum Yoga and one of the founding members of the Continuum Teachers Association, having shared her work through prestigious organizations such as Omega Institute, Kripalu Center and Esalen Institute. We hope you find this discussion as revelatory and nourishing as we did, so without further ado, let's tune in!

What We Discuss

  • Importance of embracing softening in the body and how it is crucial to supporting our health;
  • Links between our sensory perception and how they help foster our intuition;
  • How when we take time to connect with ourselves, we actually create positive changes in the world around us;
  • An accident that caused paralysis led her to the Continuum of Yoga, helping her heal and feel at home in her body;
  • Continuum of Yoga vs other forms of Yoga; its focus on the process of creativity and inquiry, rather than goals;
  • The process of teaching 70 to 90 year olds to continue to be flexible, mobile and inherently healthy;
  • Being hard vs soft-bodied, and its impact on our mental & emotional health;
  • Understanding how water in your body can be fluid or solidified, and how this affects your overall health and bodily aches and pains;
  • How practicing the state of safety and trust in our bodies via parasympathetic nervous system is critical to our wellbeing.

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