Episode 44

Published on:

4th Jun 2021

How Emotions Shape the Body's Physiological Structure, with Embodiment Coach Emily Wishall

In today's episode we dive into understanding the link between emotions and the body. Emily Wishall is a Certified Rolfer & Embodiment Coach based in Denver, Colorado, who is passionate about supporting women through the path from disliking their body to loving it. When you are not comfortable in your body, it affects everything — your confidence, career, relationships, you name it. Emily is publishing her first book this Fall 2021, Hating My Body Was My Greatest Gift (working title).

What We Discuss

  • How emotions influence the physiological structure of our body: our fascia, our tissues and our posture.
  • Changing Emily's relationship to movement from one that was punitive and focused on being skinny to one that was for joy, pleasure, and enjoyment.
  • The importance of authentically connecting with our emotions versus suppressing, avoiding, or bypassing them.
  • Why practicing embodiment is a game-changer in relationship to movement and your body.
  • Examples of simple physical practices to deepen our mind-body connection and practice embodiment.


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