Episode 36

Published on:

25th Dec 2020

Body Neutrality & Sensation-Focused Movement with Helen Phelan

We are so excited to share our interview with Helen Phelan! Helen is a certified pilates instructor, integrative health coach, and prenatal/postpartum corrective exercise specialist. She is a former professional dancer who struggled with body image and disordered eating for years- and when she became an instructor she was determined to find a way to share the empowering aspects of a movement practice without diet culture's toxicity, and her method and online studio, Helen Phelan Studio was born. Inspired by the intuitive eating movement, Helen's method is designed to enhance your self trust and intuition by creating workouts that connect you more deeply to yourself while challenging you physically and allowing space for self compassion. She's been featured in Huffington Post, Well and Good, Mind Body Green, InStyle Magazine and more. 

In this episode we discussed body neutrality (what it means & how it benefits us), the politics inherent within health & wellness, and how sensation-focused movement practices support our mental & physical health. It was an incredibly powerful conversation offering so many lightbulb moments, and definitely one of our favorite episodes to date!

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