Episode 14

Published on:

1st Mar 2019

Using Movement to Create Positive Change with Gary Stockdale

Gary is a functional movement specialist who devotes his work and practice to changing the relationships people have with their bodies. His perspective goes so much deeper than just the anatomy and biomechanics of what’s limiting someone in their ability to experience their full capacity for athleticism and performance; he sees the connection between all things. He asks us to investigate the reflective nature of our relationships with others and what that shows us about our relationship with ourselves, how our emotions and feelings in a given situation affect our ability to authentically be present, and much more. Given all of our common passions and interests, Gary and I were able to expand on some really exciting principles in our conversation here and I am thrilled to share it with you all!

To connect further with Gary and learn more his work, you can check out his Instagram handle or his YouTube channel listed below:



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