Episode 27

Published on:

14th Aug 2020

Moving through Energy & Black Creativity with Candace Tabbs

Candace Tabbs is a dancer and fitness professional whom Marie met studying Dance at Barnard College, Columbia University. Marie later got to know her work more deeply teaching together at Liberated Movement in NYC. Candace is soulful, wise, and has a beautiful way of helping people feel safe and supported in her presence. 

Given their similar backgrounds, Marie and Candace explore how the coronavirus pandemic has shifted their relationship to movement both personally and for the people they work with. The strong surge of the Black Lives Movement is examined in-depth, considering the tough questions on how to eradicate the insidious threads of racism through education, kind listening, and celebration of black ingenuity and creativity. Above all, the interview explores just how interwoven self-care, rest, and joy are into resisting oppression and creating positive change. 

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Interview References

Liberated Movement dance classes

Robert Battle, Choreographer:



On Rest as Resistance, The Nap Ministry

Black Joy Video, Bbygrl by Thomeography 

JK Rowling’s Harvard Commencement Speech

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