Episode 4

Published on:

31st May 2022

Meant to Move - The Importance of Intuition & Listening to Your Inner Voice

Intuition can be a tricky subject, because while we understand the concept of intuition intellectually, figuring out how to listen to & follow that “inner voice” can feel incredibly vague and mysterious in real life.

But bridging this paradox of intuition is actually much simpler than we think...

Marie & Julia begin this episode by clarifying what intuition really is and provide neuropsychological research to explain why it’s valuable to our health on all levels (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual). Yet despite it’s life-changing potential, so many of us go through life ignoring these “gut instincts” which can unfortunately result in serious mental and physical health conditions including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, burnout, and much more (hello paradox!).

To bridge this gap, they discuss practical steps we can take to begin recovering & cultivating our innate intuitive capacity (because we are all born with this ability), and share their own personal stories of how intuition has played an important role in their platonic & romantic relationships as well as their movement practices. Julia reveals her recent episode of overstimulation & burnout as a result of ignoring her body’s cues, and how she struggled to maintain her rhythm with her intuitive movement practice . Together they wrap up the episode reflecting on the nuances of Julia’s relationship with her body & her movement practice, and highlight how her intuition was working to guide her back into alignment (hint — “sticking with it” is not always the answer). Marie provides new insight on how to deepen our connection with our intuition, and a new practice to play with in the meantime.

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