Episode 17

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22nd Mar 2019

Enhancing Cognitive Functions via Movement with Ryan Glatt

Ryan is a Brain Health Coach and Psychometrist working for the Pacific Brain Health Center. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a brain health coach and don’t know what a psychometrist is, it’s because Ryan is at the forefront of an entirely new approach to training, movement, and exercise. Rather than working with movement to create change in the body, Ryan’s research and work application is centered around how to create cognitive changes in the brain as a result of how we move our bodies. In other words, the movement protocols you engage with make targeted changes to how your brain works and improve specific cognitive functions. This has big implications for how we relate to and understand movement as a practice.

We had a fascinating conversation dissecting some of the intricacies of Ryan’s work and experience, looking into what lead him into the unique and highly relevant field he is in now, the wide array of impact different movement strategies have on the many aspects of cognitive function, and how we can begin to reorganize our understanding of movement so we can use it not just for the health of our bodies, but also our brains. I loved digging into some of the science of brain health and it’s connection to movement, and Ryan brilliantly showcased the value of movement as a medium that goes far beyond expanding physical prowess. I hope you all enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it, and walk away a little more inspired and excited to get moving!

To connect further with Ryan and learn more his work, you can check out his website or his Instagram profile listed below:



If you want to learn more about the Online Cognitive Training Course Ryan has created for health professionals, head over to the following link:


And finally, for the Cognitive Kali referenced in the episode, you can find it here:


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