Episode 3

Published on:

14th Dec 2018

Cultivating Body Love & Appreciation for Movement with Casey Tom

Casey Tom is well established in many roles throughout the fitness industry, yet most well-known for nutrition coaching. Casey is one of the most bright, sunny, and passionate people I know in the world. Her big heart and love for everyone she meets creates a sense of warmth, compassion, and success.

Casey and I discussed her movement journey, specifically a severe brain injury she sustained in young adulthood that changed her life forever. This pivotal moment has left her with an incredibly deep sense of gratitude and respect for the human body and our ability to move with it. We also dug into the connections movement has created for Casey in her life, helping her to create family and close relationships of many kinds. And perhaps my favorite topic, the importance of meeting your movement urges and desires when they arise.

To connect further with Casey, you can find her on Instagram and through her website and email (some have changed from the initial recording- see below).




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