Episode 38

Published on:

29th Jan 2021

Art of Kettlebells & Simplicity in Movement with Jason C Brown

Hello everyone! Today’s episode features long-time educator and fitness professional, Jason C. Brown. Jason is the founder of the Kettlebell Athletics certification program. He is passionate about humanizing our movement practices, namely simplifying them and adding more play and pleasure in the process.

Today we discuss the problems behind the fear and intimidation motivations promoted in the fitness industry; why they fundamentally fail; how pleasure and play within movement practices fundamentally impact our mental and physical wellbeing. We’re excited to share Jason’s experiences and insights with you all!

What we discuss

  • On the kettlebell, running the certification and the authentic, natural patterning it offers;
  • Problems that fitness is not addressing when it comes to health and well-being for the average person;
  • How the fitness industry uses fear and intimidation to promote its services, scaring people into moving;
  • Shifting from health metrics to more artistic, expressive forms of moving;
  • Finding more pleasure within movement, providing sustainability and productivity, finding movement practice that excites you and makes you want to come back to it ;
  • What happens in your brain happens in your body, what this means and how it impacts your longevity;
  • The importance of play and being in your body, rather than necessarily working out;
  • Considering movement a practice, rather than a workout;
  • Jason’s work focus shifting from kettlebells to bringing back depth and awareness to one’s movement practice and life;
  • Going back in time and practicing what turned us on and brought us joy in our childhood or adolescent years (is that cycling, basketball, running, etc?);
  • Why art is such an important component of our humanity, health and movement practice;
  • Specific lessons that movement has taught both Marie and Jason;
  • How simplicity is inherently complex and why this matters in movement.


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